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Things Orava

Rafting down the river Orava

Rafts OravaIn case if you visit the Orava region, do not miss a cruise wooden plťou cliffs above the Orava Orava Castle. In the cruise you have unique views of Orava castle and beautiful nature of Orava. Sightseeing cruise starts in village of Upper period and ends in the village Oravský Podzámok, and it takes about 1 hour. Operation: July, August: daily 9:00 to 17:00 pm. May to October: order form For more information and orders voyages: Web Page: Tel .: 0905 358 182

Orava Village - Zuberec

ZuberecThe picturesque open-air museum is situated around the shores of Cold Creek, embedded amidst beautiful scenery formed mountain massifs of Western Tatras. Museum is a grouping of characteristic folk buildings from various regions of Orava on the area of about 20 ha. Represented the southwestern region of the lower Orava, middle and upper Orava, reality-north-east and north-west region Goral Beskydská area. Every year the festival Podroháčske organizes international folklore festival. Orava Village consists of five architectural units: - richer part of the Orava below represents Dolnooravská rínok with honosnejšími buildings located on-air looser - houses and farm buildings on the street Zamagurskej represent the characteristic structure of the original Orava village consisting of rich and middle peasants - Goral lazy represent the poorest part of Orava lying on the eastern slopes of Orava Beskydy - Mlynica, which is the stream concentrated water mill, sawmill and fulling cloth to modify the common Raceways - the whole area is a cemetery Late wooden church Vol. Elizabeth of Zábrež 15th century Opening hours: The museum is open year round. July, August 8:00 to 18:00 pm. a day in June, September 8:00 to 17:00 pm. a day in recent months, 8:00 to 15:30 hrs. Daily except Mondays.

Statue of Jesus Christ in the town of Klin

Statue of Jesus ChristThere Klin near Orava dam is a copy of the famous Brazilian statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro.
Monument rises on a hill at an altitude of Grape 686 meters. Height of the statue is nine and a half meters, range of hands me seven meters and weigh 23 tons.
For more information: Statue of Jesus Christ in the town of Klin

Orava Forest Railway

Orava forest railway vehicles once the wood. Today rides over the hills and picturesque nature tourists. Orava forest railway is 3.5 kilometers long and overcomes the 120 m elevation. Since December 2009, first transports visitors during the winter season, every day 9:30 to 15:30 pm.
For more information:

Hviezdoslavova hájovňa - Orava Polhora

Hviezdoslavova hájovňaHviezdoslavova hájovňaOrava is the birthplace of giant Slovak literature Hviezdoslav. In its action on the Upper Orava created work on the conflict of two worlds: cottages and mansions, truth, poverty and iniquity Men - lyrical song Hájniková woman. Exposure Hviezdoslavova hájovňa, which is located in a beautiful natural environment, this represents the largest and most famous work. The exposition is divided into four parts. The first is a living and working environment Hájnická families. The aim was to create an atmosphere creators of the then living in Orava Hájovna. The second part shows the time sequence creation and gradual realization of the idea to write this first lyrical epic song. The forester's lodge, which after Hiezdoslav attended, was born writer Milo Urban, which is dedicated exhibition in the neighboring building. Opening hours: 15 April to 31 October: Tuesday-Saturday 9: 00- 16:30, Sunday 10:30 to 18:00 Monday: closed first November through April 14: only announced visits more information: Website:


Museum aristocratic carriages and sleighs - Orava Podzámok

Museum of carriagesMuseum aristocratic carriages and sleighs is unique and most extensive collection of carriages and sleighs in Slovakia. Museum began to write its history on May 1, 2008. Collection is a long process of collecting and meticulous renovation. Located in the village Oravský Podzámok, directly under the Orava. In our museum you can look up 21 exclusive exhibits in the original, but mostly renovated state. Precise quality of our exhibits and inspires you to drift charm of the last century, when, after our travels chased luxury Landauer and Landaulety, my lord elegant for men and for women of Victoria. Missing discrete urban Coupé, hunting coaches and obviously not comfortable sled on snowy winters. Step into the past and Abduct the imagination and ideas. We rule once seen more than a hundred times to hear. The whole exhibition is complemented by interesting explanatory text. For more information: Website:


Meander Park Thermal Thermal - Oravice

Meander Thermal Park is located in the Orava region - Western Tatras, near the Polish border, only few km from Zakopane. From a depth of 1611 m natural thermal water springs with the beneficial effect of temperature 58 ° C, which flows into all the pools in the Meander Park thermal area of 1545 m2. Thermal water is highly mineralized sodium - calcium - magnesium - sulphurous with high iron content. Pools are open 12 months a year. For more information: Website:

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