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High Tatras

The High Tatras are the nicest region of travel hustle in Slovakia with ideal conditions for high-mountain walking, climbing, skiing, recreation and healing some diseases. Their long ridge is the northern most and highest part of the entire Carpathian system, whose lenght is 1200 km. They extend over an area of approximately 260 km2. Almost in the centre of the range lies the highest summit, Gerlach Peak (2655 m). The High Tatras are typical for their valuable flora and variety of plants. The High Tatras were first visited by miners, who were followed by hunters and sheperds. The first mentions come from the 16 th century – estetic exploration. In 1615 three students having leaded by David Frolich , a student from Kežmarok, climbed up on Kežmarský Peak. This was the first climbing on Tatra peak, who was historically attested. Difficult acsessibility defended the development of tourism in the area of the High Tatras. Well, when the network of paths developed and possibilities of acessibility, number of tourists rised up rapidly. The year´s visiting was 20 000 persons after the World War 2, butin 80´ it was already 4 millions in year. Nowadays the High Tatras belong to the most visited areas in Slovakia.

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