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Skiing in Orava



Orava skiingIn winter, you Orava only makes skiers. The whole territory of the Orava number of ski lifts. Those more attractive cross-country skiing can be used as natural terrain and running track, open to the public, in Dolny Kubin.

ORAVA SNOW - Orava Forest

Winter resort Orava Snow is located in a valley in the coldest Slovakia Orava Forest and is one of the fastest growing Slovak ski resorts. Experience the true, pure natural Orava landscape with beautiful panoramic view of the two peaks of the ridge, which you exported our transport facilities. Run dog sledding, sleigh drawn tailstock with cinkajúcimi bells, fičiace beautiful snow covered valley, wellness program, skating on the indoor stadium and other attractions will remain an unforgettable experience for your entire family.
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SKI PARK - Kubínska hola

One of the most popular ski resorts in Slovakia is Kubínska hola located near Dolny Kubin. Great ski terrains in the beautiful countryside of Orava Magura with a beautiful view of the lower and upper part of Orava, Low and Western Tatras, Chočské Mountains, Little and Big Fatra guarantee unforgettable experience of skiing. The resort with an altitude of 1396 m 720 mA is available four-digit chair lift and 8 ski lifts with a capacity of 7,000 passengers per hour. Total length of groomed ski trails is 13 km. In the center are available to modify the running tracks and a total length of 10km.

Meander Ski Park - Oravice

In the beautiful surroundings of West Tatras Oraviciach you can fully enjoy the ride to the perfectly prepared ski tracks and after skiing enter the wardrobe, dress swimsuit and relax in the swimming pool filled with hot thermal water. Meander Ski Park is 15 km from the border Dry Mountain, 20 km from the border crossing in maid, 30 km from Zakopane, 60 km from the border crossing in Korbielove and 110 km from Krakow.

Zverovka - Burned

Zverovka - Burned provides optimal conditions for all skiers and snowboarders. Shorter lifts (400 mA 850 m) are for beginners and children, 1490 m long chair lift will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of winter sports. Access of vehicles is right in the ski resort.

Sport Centrum Lučivná - Párnica

The center is located in a valley near the village Zázrivej Párnica at an altitude of 502 - 1170. M Visitors can enjoy a wide range of services and sports activities throughout the year. Ski slopes are suitable for beginners and advanced skiers.

Ski Center Nižná Uhliská

The ski area can be found in the beautiful scenery Skorušinských hills. The center is located at an altitude of 600-860 meters. There are suitable terrain for advanced skiers and beginners.

Ski center Zuberec / Milotín

Milotín Ski Resort is located in the village. The resort is suitable for all skiers, especially children and beginners. There is beautiful scenery and a large number of different types of accommodation facilities. The big advantage for guests in Zuberci access on foot.
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Ski Centre Ski Vitanová

The ski resort is 10 km from the border crossing Dry Mountain, 15 km from the border crossing in maid, 25 km from Zakopane, 40 km from the town of Nowy Targ and 110 km from the city of Krakow. The Ski Vitanová can always perfectly groomed ski slopes, friendly staff and reasonable service. New hardware as lifts and chair lifts guarantees that will not waste time waiting in line. Of course there is artificial snow and adjustment of ski slopes. Trails offers three levels of difficulty to get their come every skier. A bonus is the beautiful countryside of Orava and Western Tatras.

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