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Vyšné Ružbachy

Vyšné Ružbachy 48
065 02 Vyšné Ružbachy
Slovenská republika


Location Spa

Vlastné kúpele sa nachádzajú povyše obce toho istého mena, 15 km od mesta Stará Lubovňa.


WiFi pripojenie na internet v Grand hoteli Strand a Travetíne.


Parkovanie spoplatnené podľa cenníka kúpeľov.


Ubytovanie so zvieraťom v kúpeľoch nie je možné.


Stravovanie: Grand hotel Strand priamo v budove a pre ubytovaných hostí v Travertínoch a vo Švajčiarskych domčekoch sa strava podáva v Bielom dome (cca 100 m).

Description spas

Vyšné Ružbachy lie in eastern Slovakia, on the border of our two national parks - Tatra National Park and Pieniny National Park. The healing effects of earthy carbonic mineral waters recognized people in the Middle Ages. The basic treatment to water up to 26 ° C. View full size are known mainly local crater. These were created by forfeiture of travertine mounds, the most famous is the crater of width 20 m and depth 3 m. This is the biggest travertine lake in Slovakia, which is protected. From the crater Smerdžonka today carbon dioxide escapes, so he called the Jama death. From the source Izabela is filled outdoor swimming pool. The spa area features a therapeutic pools, baths, sauna, gym and massage facilities.

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