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Rajecké Teplice

Slovenské liečebné kúpele Rajecké Teplice a.s.
Osloboditeľov 131/4
013 13 Rajecké Teplice
Slovenská republika


Location Spa

15 km južne od Žiliny smerom na Rajec v malebnom údolí rieky Rajčianky, v Rajeckej kotline.


WiFi pripojenie vo všetkých kúpeľných zariadeniach zadarmo.


Pri všetkých kúpeľných zariadeniach je nestrážené parkovisko zadarmo. Pri hoteli Aphrodite a Aphrodite Palace je parkovisko strážené. Pri Vile Margaréta aj možnosť rezervácia garáže za poplatok.


Ubytovanie so zvieraťom v kúpeľoch nie je možné.


Hotel Aphrodite a hotel Aphrodite Palace majú vlastnú reštauráciu. Klienti hotela Malá Fatra a ostatných ubytovacích zariadení sa stravujú v reštaurácii hotela Malá Fatra.

Description spas

One of the most popular spa - Spa Rajecké Teplice are placed in the middle of Little Fatra Strážovské hills, in an environment rich in mineral waters, thermal waters with excellent curative abilities. Rajecké Teplice are among the most attractive in Slovakia. Spa were originally the estate, the largest growth was recorded only in the twentieth century, when there was a substantial completion bathhouses. The present aspect of Rajecké Teplice is destined to digest different types of stays - stays , relaxing holidays and wellness stays . Spa treatments and wellness treatments offered balneology center equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The use of thermal springs acratoteriem type with 38-speed thermal water . From October 2012 were put into operation two new outdoor pools of the hotel Aphrodite, which form the whole layout is connected to the internal water world. Guests will enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient, true natural materials exclusively to the Aphrodite Spa, where they can recharge and relax your body and soul.

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