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Spa Red Monastery

Kúpele Červený Kláštor - Smerdžonka
Červený Kláštor 147
059 06
Slovenská republika


Location Spa

V pokojnom prostredí Zamaguria, na druhej strane obce Červený Kláštor, smerom na Starú Ľubovňu (15 km), 50 km od Vysokých Tatier.


WiFi pripojenie zadarmo.


Bezplatné parkovanie v areáli.


Domáce zvieratá nie sú povolené v Dome Zdravia, v kúpeľnych domčekoch je možné ubytovanie so zvieraťom za poplatok.


Stravovanie je v kúpeľnej reštaurácii v areáli : raňajky 7.30 - 9.30 hod., obedy 12.00 - 14.00 hod. a večere 17.30 - 19.00 hod.

Description spas

One of the most "forgotten" respectively. undiscovered parts of Slovakia are the Pieniny Zamagurie. In 2004 a revitalization Spa Red Monastery and in 2006 started the first hydro-geological tests. In 2010, The local source declared a natural healing source and already in September of that year began the first works. In November 2011, the building was completed. On 26.04.2012 the State Commission spa MZSR authorized to operate natural spas and subsequently 01.07.2012 held an opening ceremony spas associated with consecration of the House Health Vol. Cosmas and Damian. The renovated building is the original spa's restaurant facility serving the public on board, enjoyable leisure activities, as well as for organizing family or other events.

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