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Bardejovske bath Bardejov in Northeastern Slovakia lie in the region rich in mineral waters. In the vicinity of the Magura mountain (902 m). The actual spa is located 5 km from the town of Bardejov. The spa is particularly successful because of the quality... Display Rajecké Teplice One of the most popular spa - Spa Rajecké Teplice are placed in the middle of Little Fatra Strážovské hills, in an environment rich in mineral waters, thermal waters with excellent curative abilities. Rajecké Teplice are among the... Display Vyšné Ružbachy Vyšné Ružbachy lie in eastern Slovakia, on the border of our two national parks - Tatra National Park and Pieniny National Park. The healing effects of earthy carbonic mineral waters recognized people in the Middle Ages. The basic treatment... Display Spa TurcianskeTeplice Spa TurcianskeTeplice at an altitude of 518 meters above sea level lies between the cities of Martin and Banska Bystrica in Žilina. Turčianske Teplice are among the oldest and once most visited spa in the rare and beautiful harmony of... Display Trencianske Teplice In the western part of Slovakia are known antirheumatic spa, which features the oldest in Slovakia. Favorable climate are suitable not only for spa treatment, but also on the active sports recreation. Display Spa Smrdáky Smrdáky Spa is 8 km from the city of Senica, near the Czech border and about 80 km northwest of Bratislava. City Smrdáky was named by the composition of the local mineral water containing hydrogen sulfide with its characteristic smell... Display Spa Sliac The world-famous Spa Sliač lie in the Slovak Ore Mountains surrounded by spa park on the outskirts of town Sliač. A characteristic natural phenomenon of interest are travertine, from which springs mineral springs . The healing waters... Display Spa Glass Teplice Glass Teplice Spa lies in the northwestern part of Stiavnica in Hot Creek Valley, in Žiar Erling. Enchanting valley located between the aluminum-Hronom and Podhorie 12 km from Banska Stiavnica - a unique treasure of world heritage. From... Display Spa Piestany The basis for the emergence of world-famous spa of which are nearly two hundred tradition, were thermal mineral water with a temperature of 67-69 ° C and sulfuric mud. They are located in a beautiful park kúpeľnémom with cafes and restaurants... Display Spa Novy Smokovec Climatic Spa Nový Smokovec is located in the Tatra village Smokovec in the High Tatra Mountains at an altitude of 1010 meters above sea level, near the famous tourist resort Pleso and Tatranska Lomnica. Display Spa Lucky Spa Lucky is one of the oldest spa in Slovakia and lie on the border Liptova the hill Large Choc (1611 m) in a pleasant natural environment. They are located 14km from the town of Ruzomberok, 23 km from Liptovsky Mikulas and 7 km from the... Display
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