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Wildlife Orava

Fauna OravaOrava region is located enlarge a portion of the cold zone. Only Orava river valley has a slightly warmer climate and belongs to the temperate areas. Create Orava Dam of altering the original grassland communities. At the same time observed the occurrence of some new species of fish and birds. There was also the first implantation orliaka sea. Fauna Orava belongs to the Euro-Siberian sub-region. Various forms of relief and significant margin altitude meant that in the Orava region occur different groups of animals. At the foot step occurs skylark, partridge, common buzzard, Buteo buteo, hawk, owl myšiar. The largest area of the Orava region covered fir, beech and pine, mostly of spruce monocultures. Larch, pine respectively. pine pine and juniper Siberian occur in Babia hora and Pilska. Is widely throughout the territory of the Orava extended juniper. In the forest zone is a typical forest plant species such as anemone Forest, European wild ginger. In wet groves and bushes blooming kyslička mainly wheat and Datura stramonium. In the higher elevations are in the undergrowth represented different kinds of ferns and club mosses, blueberry ordinary, common heather, lingonberry.

Fauna orava

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