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Husitský kostolík v LúčkeStarobylé ruiny kostolíka sú voľné prístupné nad obcou Lúčka približne 16 kilometrov od mesta Rožňava. Táto kultúrna pamiatka bola postavená v gemerskom ranogotickom slohu v 13.storočí zasvätená Narodeniu Panny Márie....DisplayKošický kraj - LúčkaLupčiansky castleCastle on the hill in the Lupčianska basin above the village of Slovenská Lupča, about 10 km from Banská Bystrica. It was built in the first half of the 13th century. by the Hungarian ruler Bel IV on the site of the original fortified...DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - Slovenská ĽupčaKláštorisko - Letanovce DisplayKošický kraj - LetanovceSitno CastleThe ruin is located on the hill of the same name in the Štiavnica Mountains, in the cadastre of the village of Ilja, Banská Štiavnica district. The original building dates from the 13th century, the castle was part of the most vulnerable...DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - IlijaBanská Bystrica CastleThe castle dominates the historical part of the town of Banská Bystrica and is built at the upper end of the square Š. Moses. It consists of multiple objects. In the center of the castle courtyard stands the Church of the Assumption of...DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - Banská BystricaOld castle Banská ŠtiavnicaIt is located in the historic center of Banská Štiavnica, above the Square of St. Trinity. The oldest monument of the city was created in the 13th century. and combines several artistic styles, namely Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and...DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - Banská ŠtiavnicaVígľaš CastleIt is located in the center of Slovakia near Zvolen, in the village of the same name Vígľaš. Originally a medieval building, it served as a monastery for the Templars. Later, the Hungarian, Roman-German and Czech King Sigismund of Luxembourg...DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - VígľašJasov Monastery DisplayKošický kraj - JasovHrušov CastleThe ruins of a castle in the district of Zlaté Moravce, near the village of Skýtov, on the Skalka hill near Topolčianky. Gothic castle built sometime in the 13th century, the first mention of the castle is in documents from 1253. Originally,...DisplayNitriansky kraj - HostieTopoľčiansky CastleThe ruins of an ancient castle above the village of Podhradie, Topoľčany district, near the Duchonka reservoir. The first mention of the castle as a royal property is in preserved documents from 1235, but it is assumed that the castle...DisplayNitriansky kraj - PodhradieZborov CastleThe ruins of a castle above the village of Zborov, in the Ondavská Highlands, Bardejov district. The first information about the castle is from the period after 1317, but there is no credible document that would mention the construction...DisplayPrešovský kraj - Zborov
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