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St. NicholasThe Greek Catholic wooden church of St. Nicholas is located in Bodružal and one of the oldest temples in Slovakia. Its construction dates back to 1658.The temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. DisplayPrešovský kraj - BodružalSt. Francis of AssisiWooden Roman Catholic church from the 15th century built in the Bardejov district in the village Hervartov. It is one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia. It is registered in UNESCO along with other wooden churches within the Carpathian Arch.DisplayPrešovský kraj - HervartovArticular evangelical church HronsekOne of the largest wooden buildings in Central Europe is located in the village Hronsek near Banska Bystrica. Wooden articular evangelical church. It is a unique cultural and historical monument registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List....DisplayBanskobystrický kraj - HronsekArticular Evangelical Church - St. Trinity KežmarokArticular evangelical church of st. The Trinity Church in Kežmarok is one of the best preserved Slovak wooden sacral buildings. It is one of the most beautiful monuments in Kežmarok. Located in the suburbs, beyond the city walls. DisplayPrešovský kraj - KežmarokSt. Michala Archanjela LadomirováIn the village of Ladomirová there is the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel. The wooden building built without a single nail is one of the most valuable architectural temples of the Eastern Rite in Slovakia. Since 2008, the temple...DisplayPrešovský kraj - LadomirováArticular Evangelical Church of LeštinaThe wooden church is an articular church in the village of Leštiny. Every Sunday in the church are held Evangelical Services of God. It is interesting that Pavol Ország Hviezdoslav was baptized in this church. DisplayŽilinský kraj - LeštinyChurch Of The Protection Of The Holy Virgin MiroľaA wooden Greek-Catholic temple is located in the village of Miroli. It was built in 1770 on a dominant plateau. To this day, the Church uses the Church Slavonic language in worship. DisplayPrešovský kraj - MiroľaChurch of the Transfiguration Nicholas - Bishop of Russia BystraThe Greek Catholic wooden temple was built in the early 18th century. in 1730 in Bystra, Russia. The patron saint of this temple became St. Bishop Nicholas. The wooden temple is surrounded by the Vihorlat Mountains. DisplayKošický kraj - Ruská BystráChurch of All Saints TvrdosinThe Roman Catholic wooden church is located in Tvrdošín. Inside the church there is a dominant Baroque altar from the end of the 17th century, paintings of the apostles, a painting of St. George and also barbed home drawings. DisplayŽilinský kraj - TvrdošínSt. Cosmos and Damian LukovStone-wooden church in its present form is from 1740 located in the village Lukov. The interior is predominantly Baroque, with the support of the European Union underwent a major reconstruction. Until now, it is used regularly.DisplayPrešovský kraj - LukovChurch of the Protection of the Holy Mother of Our Lady of Nizhny KomarnikThe wooden Greek-Catholic church in Nizhny Komarnik was built in 1938 in the Svidnik district. It has a perfect wooden dome of the Bojkovsky type. It was built by native Ruthenian masters.DisplayPrešovský kraj - Nižný Komárnik
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